How to create Facebook Fan Page for your Business

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Posted on September 05, 2016 at 04:09 AM


Creating a Facebook fan page can be really easy, but what people don’t know is why to create one. A fan page is just like a profile page, except that it is more suitable to companies or professional promotion. There you can post all the information about the company, news, photos, answer people’s questions, etc. just like in a common personal profile. Another peculiarity about the pages behavior is that there’s no limit of followers, while in the personal profile you can have up to 5 thousand friends. The basic difference is that people don’t add the company as a friend, they “Like” it, which avoids having personal profiles mixed to their friends list. Once they “Like” the page, they start receiving all the updates that are being posted in the fan page.

To create a Page

1. Open your browser and Go to

2. Choose the Right "Page Type"

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community


3. Enter your business information

To complete setup of your page you will need to enter some information about your business including:

  • Categories – You will be able to choose three categories that are representative of your business.
  • Description – You will need to describe your business in 155 characters, so make sure it is descriptive and to the point.
  • Website – Include your website so people can go directly to your site from your Facebook page.

4. Fill Out The "About" Section of Your Page

Enter details about your page or you can skip this section and proceed to the next step

Fields marked by asterisks (*) are required.

For example: Helping turning ordinary people to become extraordinary millionaire. For the website field input the link of your website, if you don’t have one you can put your other social media account links.
If you wish to have your own website.

For the last field it’s the username of your FB Page, where anyone can Find your page in Facebook search and it create custom URLs that let people quickly visit and message them. Like this:

5. Upload your profile picture

Next, add your business to your Favorites.This isn’t really a step, but Facebook will prompt you to add your page to your favorites. You will want to do this so that the page will be easily accessible from your homepage.

6. Choose your audience

Facebook allows you to target the type of people that it will show your page to. For example, if you own a nail salon in New York, you can choose to have your page audience be women ages 13-65+ that are located in New York. For other businesses, like a restaurant, you may only want to use the location filter. You can also target based on people’s interests, but that will most likely decrease your pool too drastically since many people don’t include all of their interests on their Facebook page.

Step 7 – Apply the finishing you are almost done

You have now created your page! However, you are not done yet. There are a few more key steps to make sure your business page is fully filled out.

Next Steps After You Create Your Facebook Business Page

Now that you have created your Facebook business page, there are a few things that you should do:

  • Invite your friends to like your page – Make sure you have some content posted first, but after that you should let people know that you have a page for your business. A page with no likes does not seem legitimate, so get your friends and family to like your page to help spread the word.
  • Advertise on Facebook – Facebook advertising is appealing because you can target an extremely specific audience. Your ads are shown to precisely the people you need to reach – not just some vague demographic.
  • Get listed in Google’s organic results – Ranking on the first page of Facebook can be difficult for small business websites. The good news is that having your business listed on Facebook increases your chance of your business having a spot on the first page. For more methods on how to rank on Google
  • Market your business for free – If done right, you can also see results from your Facebook page without having to pay a dime. 

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