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How to maintain productivity in your business

Part timer ka ba?

Nahihirapan ka bang gawin ang business dahil kulang na kulang ang time mo?

8 hours sa trabaho at gabing-gabi nang nakakauwi sa bahay, dahil sa traffic?

Ganun ka rin ba?

Ganun ako dati pero h...

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6 Ways to Productivity in the Business

 As a Network Marketer, you need to be productive in a diverse way online and offline para ikaw ang mag-outstanding sa grupo niyo..

 Let's begin!

 1. Time Management


Ito ang is...

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How to Increase Customer Loyalty and Keep Them Coming Back

Stock What They Miss at the Store

Most clients will not only inquire about items they do not find on the shelves but also follow up by asking whether the same will be available. Ensure that you give an answer that you can take responsibility...

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Why Online Business is better than Offline

Despite of all ako lang yata nakaka-appreciate ng pag-oonline ang laki kase nang navisualize ko sa pag-oonline imaginine mo ‘to kaya mong ipakita ng opportunity mo sa mahigit 100 na tao sa loob lang ng isang araw.

Na-imaginine mo ba &lsqu...

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How to close your Prospect

According to studies each individual knows 200 to 300 people. These people considered your potential customers or prospects. Before inviting, it is very important for you to take note of the following:


How to handle objections in your MLM Business

How to handle objection in your MLM Business

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