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  1. How long you've been in Network Marketing?
  2. Why are you doing Network Marketing?
  3. How are you going to get that dreams?
  4. When do you want to get that dreams fulfilled?
  5. What is the most difficult struggle you've encountered?
  6. What are the tools did you use online?
  7. What are the strategies recently did you use?
  8. Are you doing the business online or offline?
  9. Are you doing the business full time or part time?
  10. How many hours you've spent daily in the business?
  11. Do you have your own website?
  12. Do you set goals?
  13. Do you have a daily routine?
  14. How many facebook friends do you have as of now?
  15. Do you add facebook friend daily?
  16. Do you have Facebook Page?
  17. Have you done facebook boosting/ads?
  18. What other social media did you use aside from facebook?
  19. Have you done email marketing?
  20. Have you done video marketing?
  21. Have you done blogging marketing?
  22. What are you focus on: retailing or building network?
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